New Star Trek Movie Is Less About War, More About Exploration Teases Noah Hawley

The world of Star Trek enjoys a global following numbering in the millions. Some of those fans enjoy the action of the original TV series, while others are more attached to the sci-fi space elements. One of the franchise’ fans is Fargo creator Noah Hawley, who is well known within the Trekkie fandom for his Star Trek 4 that has long been stuck in development hell. In an interview with Observer, Hawley explained how his take on the franchise would differ from previous films in the series.

“What I love about Star Trek is that it’s not a war story. It’s not a story in which might makes right. It’s a story about exploration. It’s a story about creative problem solving. My favorite moment in all of Star Trek is in Wrath of Khan when Kirk puts on his reading glasses to lower Khan’s shields. It’s a brief moment that is so exhilarating because he’s using the best tool he has, which is his mind.”

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“As much as I like the Chris Pine movies they were mostly about running from one end of the ship to the other to put out a fire, to stop a thing, and then before he could catch his breath he had to do something else. They’re much more action movies and what I wanted to get back to was this idea of humanity justifying existence in the universe by showing its best qualities.”

It is certainly true that the original Star Trek show was less about big explosions and action-packed sequences, than about the crew of the Enterprise negotiating with various alien races as they made their way across the universe. The Star Trek movies under J.J. Abrams starring Chris Pratt chose to tell a much more action-packed tale in the mold of a typical Hollywood blockbuster.

Interestingly, according to Simon Pegg, who appeared in the films, the reason a new Star Trek movie has not been greenlit is because the previous ones did not make enough money. And if the more action-based Star Trek movies did not make enough money, it is difficult to imagine Hawley’s more cerebral and toned down Star Trek film becoming a bigger hit.

In fact, these Noah Hawley ideas for Star Trek seem more fitting for a TV series in the vein of the original show, rather than something that general audiences would want to see on the big screen for two hours. And perhaps television is where the future of the franchise is supposed to lie. After all, Star Trek with more action is basically Star Wars, just with less iconic characters, and the latter franchise has been struggling to draw viewers in recent times as well.

For now, Paramount has indicated that a Star Trek movie is definitely in the works, and three scripts for the feature are currently under consideration, one of them being Hawley’s work. Hopefully, the studio will make up their mind soon and reward the patience of fans with a new movie. Observer.

Neeraj Chand

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