Solo Star Alden Ehrenreich Calls Out Press for Hyping Negative Box Office

Alden Ehrenreich is calling out the press for hyping the negative box office reporting of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Ehrenreich starred in the movie as a young Han Solo. While the movie is looked at in a more positive light now, it was not that way at all when it hit theaters on the heels of The Last Jedi, which was heavily divisive at the time of its release. As a result, Solo made just under $400 million globally. For most movies, that is a great success, but for the Star Wars franchise, the number is about half of what the other movies have done.

In a new interview, Alden Ehrenreich spoke about his experience of starring in Solo. While the movie had some trouble behind-the-scenes, it was an enjoyable time for Ehrenreich and the rest of the cast. The young actor says the experience was “an amazing adventure,” and that “It demystifies something that is very mystified.” He then addressed the box office reporting. Ehrenreich had this to say.

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“[Solo] didn’t do as well as other Star Wars movies, but it still did well for a movie. And so it was kind of this medium thing. But that’s not newsworthy. Even at high-level journalism, there’s an intense pressure, sometimes, it feels like, to [either] catastrophize or celebrate. And I think that’s really f—ing dangerous, especially when it pertains to the stuff that really matters, like the state of the world. An article headline that says “things are complicated, and there are good sides and bad sides” isn’t getting the emotional response. And I just think we really have to take a step back, and give a lot more thought to the way our emotions are being run by the stories we’re getting inundated with.”

In the end, it was a learning experience about “the internet media version of things,” says Alden Ehrenreich. While the movie was not seen in a good light by a lot of Star Wars fans upon its release, it has a lot more fans now, many of which who didn’t even bother seeing Solo in theaters. There have even been fans calling on a sequel to be made, which almost always becomes a trending topic on social media.

In the Solo aftermath, Alden Ehrenreich took a break from the spotlight. “Solo was a three-year experience, all said and done,” he says. “I had been away from home pretty much for about three years. And not only on a personal side, but also as an actor and artist – the well’s dry. You haven’t had a whole lot of experience in real relationships with people.” Ehrenreich now stars in the new series Brave New World.

Alden Ehrenreich signed on to play Han Solo for three movies, though it is unclear if we’ll see any sequels, or even a Disney+ series in the future. It has been rumored for a few months that Donald Glover will be reprising Lando Calrissian in a spin-off series, but that has yet to be officially confirmed at this time. You can check out the rest of the interview with Alden Ehrenreich over at Total Film.

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