Baby Yoda Brings Firefighters Comfort While Fighting Oregon Wildfires

Oregon firefighters have been working long hours as they continue to battle the state’s wildfires, and the gift of a Baby Yoda doll from a 5-year-old boy named Carver has made their hard work just a little bit easier. “Thank you firefighters. Here is a friend for you, in case you get lonely,” an attached note read. While the toy merely brandishes the likeness of the breakout star of The Mandalorian and has no other function, it has gone a long way with providing a small source of comfort for exhausted firefighters, as a hug from Baby Yoda is always good for a quick emotional boost.

Now, the Baby Yoda doll is getting passed from one firefighter to the other, fulfilling its purpose of keeping Oregon’s firefighters company. A “Baby yoda fights fires” Facebook page has also been launched, which has been consistently posting new images of different firefighters with the doll. As of this writing, Baby Yoda was last seen with firefighters at the Holiday Farm Fire, where the national guard was requesting to meet with him next before the Star Wars favorite is dispatched to help out at the next fire. The administrator has also thanked the thousands of followers for keeping up with the doll’s whereabouts on the Facebook page.

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“Thanks for following along, he’s a busy guy and he’s spreading so much love,” the page notes in a post.

This year has brought about one of the most destructive wildfire seasons Oregon has ever seen, with over one million acres burned. Recent rainfall has helped the firefighters with the containment of these fires, but there’s still plenty of work left to do with the wildfires continuing to blaze. Though the workers will continue to do their best with taking control of the flames, state officials have hypothesized that the fires likely won’t be extinguished until the arrival of steady rainfall in the fall and winter.

Officially known as simply The Child, “Baby Yoda” gets his nickname from literally looking like an infant version of the famous Star Wars character. He first appeared when The Mandalorian premiered on Disney+ last year, instantly becoming the show’s breakout star. Throngs of merchandise immediately went into production once the powers that be at Disney saw just how popular the little guy had quickly become, and even unofficial merch based on Baby Yoda steadfastly sold out everywhere during last year’s holiday season.

It’s a bit easier now to find Baby Yoda merchandise, with Disney offering plenty of officially-licensed collectibles for The Mandalorian. Certainly, having their own Baby Yoda can bring comfort to any big fan of the hit series just by having him placed somewhere in the home. It’s also amazing to see the power a Baby Yoda doll can also bring to the brave men and women working on the front lines of Oregon’s deadly wildfires, as just a hug from The Child can really help lift their spirits. To see more photos of firefighters meeting Baby Yoda and to keep up with where he winds up next, you can follow the “Baby yoda fights fires” page on Facebook.

Jeremy Dick at Movieweb

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