Flash Vs. Captain Boomerang Movie Needs to Happen Yesterday Insists Jai Courtney

As far as silly supervillains go, few manage to be as silly as Captain Boomerang, at least at the conceptual level. Yet, Jai Courtney managed to make the character into a badass during his appearance in 2016’s Suicide Squad. Now, Courtney wants to seal the deal with a movie where Boomerang takes on The Flash one-on-one, as the actor expressed a desire to appear in The Flash movie during an interview.

“I hope so, man. I hope so. People higher up than me make those decisions, but I think the fans would love that. Who knows, man? Who knows the shape of how things are gonna go. I think there’s a ton of properties being made, and they’re tackling some great success now coming DC’s way. I think they’re making some really good moves. So, we’ll see. That’d be awesome. If it was up to me, I’d have that thing in development already. But we’ll see how we go.”

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In the comics, Captain Boomerang uses his titular boomerangs to battle a superhero who can travel at close to the speed of light. Because you see, while the Flash can dodge an attack from an oncoming boomerang, he is apparently helpless to defend against one that curves around in mid-air and hits him from the back. It is silly comic-book logic at its finest, but over the years, Boomer has managed to make a name for himself as one of Flash’s foremost enemies. Now you know why everyone says Batman has the best villains.

In any case, Jai Courtney and his take on Boomerang was met with approval by fans. The character did interact with Flash during a brief flashback in Suicide Squad, but it wasn’t so much a fight as Flash taking Boomerang out with a single punch, so the two are long overdue for a proper match. For now, Courtney’s next appearance as Captain Boomerang will be in James Gunn’s upcoming reboot of The Suicide Squad, where the actor has previously explained his character’s journey will be a continuation of his story from 2016’s Suicide Squad.

“I don’t feel like anyone felt the need to abandon what we had kind of already established, but he’s definitely the same guy, he’s not a dramatically different Boomerang. It’s just that the backdrop is a little different and there’s a whole bunch more people, so it’s going to have its own feeling and flavor about it, but people are going to have just as much fun with it and we had a great time making it.”

As far as the Flash is concerned, he will next be seen in his solo movie which is set to be directed by Andy Muschietti with a script by Christina Hodson. The film will have Ezra Miller reprising his role as Barry Allen aka Flash, and is said to be an adaptation of the Flashpoint Paradox storyline from the comics. After multiple delays, The Flash is now scheduled to arrive in theaters on November 4, 2022. This news comes from ScreenRant.

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