Fledgling Valiant Comics Movie Universe Is Pulling a Page Out of the MCU Handbook

There is no doubt that Marvel and DC rule the roost when it comes to comic book movies. But that does not mean they don’t have competitors. Valiant comics features its own list of exciting superhero titles, and the company recently made a less-than-stellar foray into films with the Vin Diesel-starrer Bloodshot, based on the comic series. In an interview with CinemaBlend, Dan Mintz, who runs Valiant Entertainment’s parent company, DMG Entertainment, and was a producer on Bloodshot, spoke about taking some cues from the MCU on how to establish a comic book movie franchise.

“You’re going through a studio process that takes many, many years. And I think, I think what we’re really looking to do is to kind of get a little bit more into the Marvel cadence where you’re putting out films that are back to back, so to speak. And so I think how to bring that forward a little bit faster I think is super important at this time. And also, there does need to be a single-mindedness, which doesn’t mean you’re restricting creativity. It just means that you need to choose your canvas. And what I mean by that is a lot of people don’t always choose their canvas before they start painting.”

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In comic book circles, Valiant is often seen as an edgy alternative to Marvel and DC, with more in-your-face violence and gore. The problem with making movies that would be faithful to that aesthetic is that such films would get slapped with an R-rating, which would limit profits for the studio. Still, Mintz says his company’s focus will be on making movies that are edgier and more modern, without worrying too much about the movie review board’s rating system.

“If it’s important to the story and key to the story, I don’t think that’s going to stop us. I do believe that we’re a little grayer, a little edgier, a little more modern in the problems and the solutions, and sometimes lack of solutions. So I think that that naturally puts you in a little bit more of an area. But you don’t go into something saying, ‘Oh, this is going to be R, this is gonna PG-13’ necessarily. I think what you try to do is you try to say, ‘How can this story give that big adventure?’ Because you want it to be a big adventure too, right? Kind of adventure. But you also have to have that sense and sensibility in that voice that resonates as a Valiant piece.”

Just like Marvel and DC, Valiant also aims to push out tv shows based on its properties. According to Mintz, the aim will be to create shows that tie directly into the movies right from the start, instead of trying to keep the shows and the movies separate at first. Citing the example of the MCU shows debuting shortly on Disney+, Mintz confirmed that Valiant comics was working on creating that kind of synergy between its upcoming movies, shows, and comics. This news originated at Cinemablend.

Neeraj Chand

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