Happy Death Day 3 May Finally Happen as a Premium Streaming Release

Even though it once seemed like a borderline impossibility, Happy Death Day 3 now has new life. Producer Jason Blum has revealed that he has every intention to make the planned third movie in the time-bending slasher trilogy. What’s more, the recent trend of premium VOD releases may be the thing that gets it done.

Blumhouse Productions head Jason Blum is currently promoting the release of Welcome to the Blumhouse, a series of four movies produced by the studio that are heading to Amazon Prime Video this Halloween season. During a recent interview, Blum was asked about the status of Happy Death Day 3. He explained that director Christopher Landon still wants to do it and that they may give it a go following the release of his new movie Freaky. Here’s what Blum had to say about it.

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“It’s a trilogy. I’ve got to make the third one. Maybe after Freaky we’ll figure it out. Both of us really want to do it. So hopefully we’ll figure it out.”

Happy Death Day 2U unfortunately didn’t perform as well as the first movie. As such, it seemed like a continuation of the franchise was out of the question. However, in recent months, with theaters being shut down for much of the year, PVOD has taken hold. Essentially, studios release new or recent movies to rent from home for a premium price, usually around $20. Jason Blum feels this model would suit Happy Death Day 3.

“That’s a perfect [premium video-on-demand] movie. Universal has this agreement, 17 days in the theater. The same as Freaky, 17 days in a theater and then [it] goes to PVOD. We should make Happy Death Day 3 for that system. I mean, if that movie isn’t right for it, I don’t know what is. So that’s what it would be.”

Blumhouse has already had several titles, such as The Invisible Man and You Should Have Left capitalize on the PVOD model. In this case, it seems there would be some combination of a traditional theatrical release and online rentals. Bill & Ted Face the Music recently made quite a bit of money that way. Speaking further, Jason Blum said he anticipates more Blumhouse releases to follow this model in the future.

“I think most of my movies going forward will work very well in that system–will work very well with a shortened theatrical window, then going straight to premium VOD. I think that that system will be very good for Blumhouse.”

Christopher Landon recently revealed that the third movie would be titled Happy Death Day to Us. He also explained that it wouldn’t be taking place on the same day like the previous two movies. So Jessica Rothe’s Tree might get a bit of a break from dying over and over again. A post-credits scene in the sequel made it seem Danielle would be the one reliving the same day next time around. We’ll be sure to keep you posted as further details are made available. This news comes to us via GameSpot.

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