How Star Trek: Generations Time Travel Works

Even if you’re successful, there’s a bit of a problem in that while you can travel anywhere and anywhen through the powers of the temporal ribbon, you’re more than likely to not want to do so. The Nexus, as described above by paraphrasing the wise Guinan (Whoopi Goldberg), is a place where you can live out any fantasy you want, and it’s as real as you could ever dream it to be. While it’s merely an all-encompassing mirage that stores you in a temporal pocket where time means nothing, it’s a pretty convincing customer. Should you want to travel through time, all you need to do is jump into your wildest dreams, and have the courage to ride out of them on horseback, or whatever your preferred method might be. Keeping in mind the time and place you want to be, you’re able to go there without a hitch.

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