Jurassic World VelociCoaster Ride Is Coming to Universal Orlando in Summer 2021

A brand new Jurassic World roller coaster is coming to Universal Orlando next summer. Dubbed the VelociCoaster, which is a “new species of roller coaster,” the ride will be tied closely to the deadly velociraptors from the movie. A trailer has been revealed that previews that attraction, which looks to bring some major, dinosaur-sized thrills to the theme park.

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Aside from the charm that may come with setting the ride inside the popular Dinosaur franchise, this roller coaster looks to be the real deal based on the trailer. A couple of concept photos have also been released that showcase the sheer size of the attraction, which is currently under construction at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. A description of the ride from the attraction’s webpage on the Universal Orlando website reads as follows.

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“Step into Jurassic Park and stand in awe and wonder at a land transformed by science after 65 million years. But don’t be deceived by the island’s beauty because danger lurks behind every corner. Only here can you live the adventure of coming face to face with giant creatures of the Earth’s past, encounter raptors roaming every day, or take a daring raft expedition through jungles teeming with dinosaurs. For those brave enough to visit the raptor paddock, you may be able to carefully approach one of these deadly predators. Then feel the rush of the hunt as you race through the jungle alongside raptors on the Jurassic World VelociCoaster, a new species of roller coaster coming Summer 2021.”

In terms of specifics, the VelociCoaster features 4,700 feet of track and will hit speeds of up to 70 mph. It also features “a series of intense maneuvers” that will include a 360-degree barrel roll and a zero-gravity inverted stall that will send riders upside down across 100 feet of track. The attraction also includes a “top hat” that will propel riders 155 feet into the air before they encounter a 180-degree drop. The ride will feature an original story, with Chris Pratt’s Owen Grady and Bryce Dallas Howard’s Claire Dearing expected to appear in some capacity.

Universal has been focused on capitalizing on the strength of the Jurassic World brand at its theme parks. The classic Jurassic Park ride was transformed into a Jurassic World ride recently at both Universal Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood. The move makes sense as both movies in this revived version of the franchise have been huge hits, grossing just shy of $3 billion combined at the box office. This is the next step in that evolution.

Meanwhile, the studio is also hard at work on the third entry in the new trilogy, Jurassic World: Dominion. The movie is also currently set to hit theaters on June 11, 2021. While no specific date has been set for the opening of the VelociCoaster, it seems the timing could work out perfectly. Though any movie release dates at this point are tentative at best, given what has been going on in the industry as of late. Be sure to check out the trailer for the VelociCoaster for yourself. For any additional details and reservations, head on over to UniversalOrlando.com.

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