Secrets of the Mogwai Concept Art Reveals First Look at Gremlins HBO Max Series

HBO Max has unveiled the first-look at their upcoming Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai animated series. Fans of the Gremlins franchise have been wondering what to expect, and now we finally have a bit of a hint, which involves the Mogwai in 1920s China. The prequel series is bringing things all the way back, well beyond where we were first introduced to the Mogwai in the early 1980s. We’re still waiting on HBO Max to provide a release date and an official trailer for the upcoming series.

Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai is set in 1920s Shanghai. The animated series is an epic adventure comedy for the whole family that traces the origins of the Mogwai to the lush and perilous Jade Valley, in the Western Chinese countryside. No other in-depth details have been revealed and the concept art image only shows a small Mogwai walking down an alley in China. It’s not clear where he’s going or who the boy is walking alongside him, though it is believed that it is a young Mr. Wing. However, we should get some more information soon.

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Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai showrunner Tze Chun previously spoke about the series and what fans can expect. “It tells the story of the old Chinese man, Mr. Wing, who runs the shop where Peltzer first gets Gizmo. He is kind of his protector and our show is actually an animated prequel that takes place in 1920s China,” said Chun. “It follows young Mr. Wing when he was only 10 years old. He meets Gizmo and they go on adventures in China. It is a very serialized story. It is against the backdrop of Chinese mythology, that time period, with a lot of Mogwai mythology as well.”

As for whether or not Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai will tackle the darker side of the Mogwai, Tze Chun said, “We will see evil Mogwai. But I think that is as much as I can say for right now. But what we really wanted to do was create more stories set in the Gremlins universe. We also wanted to service the fans.” Chun also revealed that Howie Mandel will not be returning to reprise the voice of the Mogwai this time around.

Casting announcements for Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai have not yet been announced, but Tze Chun did say to expect some surprises. Original Gremlins star Zach Galligan is under the impression that the HBO Max animated series could set the franchise up for the long-awaited Gremlins 3, though that has not been confirmed by anybody at this time. Galligan believes that Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai will be the “stepping stone” for the third big screen installment. While we wait to see more form the animated series, you can check out the first-look concept art above, thanks to Tze Chun’s Twitter account.

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