Sherlock Holmes 3: 7 Quick Things To Know About The Robert Downey Jr. Movie

It seems like it has been forever since we last saw Robert Downey Jr. take on the role of the world’s most decorated fictional detective in Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows. Since the 2011 followup to the 2009 box office smash hit Sherlock Holmes, there have been quite a few ups and downs with the third movie in the franchise, but now that Downey is no longer a regular player in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it finally looks like we’re going to see Sherlock Holmes 3, with a different director and possibly even a new location.

And although production or even casting (besides Holmes and Watson) has gotten underway at this point in time, there are still quite a few things going on with the threequel. With that in mind, here are seven quick things to know about Sherlock Holmes 3.

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