Star Wars Star Alden Ehrenreich Pushes Back Against Narrative Surrounding Solo

It’s definitely true that the media tends to polarize not only the good and the bad but also everything in between. When it comes to Solo, there’s a lot to look at; so, let’s separate the conversation into box office and general perception. The first is box office. Was the media unfair to Solo by calling it a box office failure? Well, it’s certainly fair to call it a disappointment. The film was reportedly made for $300M according to Deadline. The film grossed a total of $392M and change worldwide. When you factor in marketing costs and percentage theaters keep, especially overseas, there’s no way the film made its money back theatrically (if the budget numbers are accurate). That being said, when you throw in home entertainment and life it’s getting out of streaming services and merchandise and what not, Solo was definitely not a disaster. It wasn’t what I’m sure Disney hoped, but sometimes that happens.

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