The Boys Season 3 Fan Art Paints Jensen Ackles Into His Soldier Boy Costume

Ahead of Supernatural star Jensen Ackles’ introduction into The Boys as Soldier Boy next year, a potential look for the character has been revealed by way of new fan art. Painted by Esther Viola, the portrait takes inspiration from the source material, placing Ackles into the comic book version of Soldier Boy’s costume. Until the second season begins filming and we can see how Ackles will appear in the live-action version, the fan art does provide an interesting peek at how the character will be brought to life on the small screen.

In The Boys comic books, Soldier Boy serves as the equivalent of Captain America, boasting a similar outfit and diehard patriotism. He’s also treated as a bit bumbling and cowardly, posing no real threat to someone like Homelander. Series showrunner Eric Kripke has teased that this will not be the case for Ackles’ version of Soldier Boy, who he describes as someone who was “Homelander before Homelander.” Not only will the TV version of Soldier Boy rival Antony Starr’s Homelander in strength, but he may also be just as popular with the American public.

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It has also been teased that Kripke will be bringing in the Avengers parody group called Payback early into Season 3. In an image posted online of the cover page for next season’s opener, it was revealed that the title of the episode is called “Payback.” This suggests that Soldier Boy could be joined by other Avengers parody characters from the comics, like Tek Knight, Mind-Droid, Swatto, and Crimson Countess. Stormfront, a male character in the comics, was also a part of Payback, though we’ve already seen Aya Cash adapt that version of the sinister Supe for the screen.

Jensen Ackles is preparing to say goodbye to Supernatural after a 15-season run. Since 2005, Ackles has been playing Dean Winchester alongside Jared Padalecki as his brother Sam. With just a handful of episodes left to go, the series finale will air in November. As Kripke also created Supernatural, Ackles coming to The Boys serves as a reunion, but that may not be all we’ll see. Kripke has been open about bringing Supernatural co-star Jeffrey Dean Morgan into The Boys as well, but scheduling conflicts with The Walking Dead may make those plans hard to pull off. If you need a refresher, Morgan played Ackles’ father on Supernatural.

The Boys just wrapped up its second season on Amazon Prime Video, with the second season earning even greater acclaim than the first. As word of mouth spreads and more fans continue to discover the series, the anticipation for Season 3 is rapidly growing. Fortunately, there are plans for the next season to begin shooting in early 2021, and the new episodes should arrive on Amazon Prime Video sometime next year. Better yet, the universe of the hit series will be further expanded with a college-set spinoff that’s also in the works, following young superheroes learning how to use their abilities. The Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy fan art was painted by Esther Viola.

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