The ‘Emotional’ Scene Shawn Levy Says Was ‘Critical’ For Love And Monsters

Warning: SPOILERS for Love and Monsters are currently in play. Should you be worried about those, hold off on reading this story until you’ve seen the film for yourself.

When developing any script, but especially when shaping one as clear in purpose as this weekend’s Love and Monsters, there’s a chance that any scene could be cut at a moment’s notice. The trick is obviously to know which scenes need to stay and which ones need to go. But sometimes there’s that one piece of the puzzle that, above all others, needs to stay intact. With more than a decade of development on this project, producer Shawn Levy encountered one of those moments in the early days of putting Love and Monsters together, and sure enough, what resulted is a scene so full of emotional meaning, it’s nothing short of crucial to the narrative that bookends its existence.

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