Uncharted Video Game Actor Explains Why a Shot-For-Shot Movie Is a Mistake

Some fans of the best-selling gaming series Uncharted were disappointed to discover actor Tom Holland would be playing the lead role of Nathan Drake in the live-action adaptation of the game since Holland’s appearance does not match Drake’s. In an interview, the voice actor for Nathan Drake from the games, Nolan North, explained why making a movie that is too faithful to the games would be a bad idea:

“The bigger mistake would be trying to get someone who looks like Nathan Drake and literally just take one of the games and follow it as a movie. The games are already movies on their own, so don’t do that. Do what you’re doing. Show me Nathan Drake in his 20s, show me some artistic license, and make it your own. That’s what I did with Tony Stark, and that’s what they should do with Nathan Drake.”

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Inspired by Indiana Jones movies, the Uncharted games bring you to the world of treasure hunter Nathan Drake, and his gang of cohorts who travel around the world to uncover historical mysteries. The gaming series managed to stand out from the crowd thanks to its style of action inspired by Hollywood adventure movies.

Fans had long been clamoring to have Nathan Fillion play Nathan Drake in a full-length film after the actor made a short Uncharted fan film. Instead, Tom Holland was hired to star in what is being described as an ‘origin’ movie for the character of Drake, with Mark Walhberg playing his mentor Sully. If not Fillion, fans would at least like to have North make a brief cameo in the upcoming film given the actor’s years of being the voice of Drake, but according to North, that’s not going to happen either:

“No, they haven’t contacted me at all. Part of me is fine with it, and part of me is like, ‘It’d be nice if you asked!’ It’s not a big deal. I’m actually looking forward to it, and I think people should look forward to it. Give them a chance. We’ve never seen Nathan Drake in his 20s and a Sully in his 40s. It could be interesting. I like the fact they’re going to do a different spin on it and I’m looking forward to seeing how they do. I like Tom Holland, I like Mark Wahlberg, I enjoy their films, so let them put their spin on it.”

The Uncharted movie project has been stuck in development hell for a long time, but the project finally seems to be firing on all cylinders, with Holland recently appearing extremely positive about the work they have managed to complete on the project:

“Filming is going so well. The film is like, everything I dreamed it would be. I mean, I don’t know if you guys played the games, but I was such a huge fan of the game, and it’s been going so well.”

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