Watch Jeff Goldblum Recreate a Classic Jurassic Park Scene with Sam Neill & Laura Dern

Jeff Goldblum has reenacted a classic Jurassic Park scene with original co-stars Sam Neill and Laura Dern. The actor is trying his best to get the American public involved in the 2020 Presidential Election, by having them check registration status and request mail-in ballots. Goldblum, Neil, and Dern are currently filming Jurassic World: Dominion and things seem to be going well as evidenced by the short and humorous video Goldblum posted on social media.

Jeff Goldblum promised his followers that he would recreates a popular Jurassic Park scene if 1,000 people used his personalized link to check their registration status, or request a mail-in ballot on The actor was able to smash that goal and had to deliver the goods, so he chose the “chaos theory” scene with Sam Neill, as Laura Dern looked on and laughed from the background, while also wearing a mask. Goldblum has promised to do more scenes from the iconic movie if more people keep registering at Headcount.

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Fans will notice one major change to the “chaos theory” reenactment, which is that Sam Neill is playing the part of Laura Dern in Jeff Goldblum’s video. However, it doesn’t look like anyone bothered to tell Neill what was going on when they were producing the video to send out to the millions of Goldblum followers on social media. Dern definitely recognized exactly what Goldblum was up to. Regardless, fans are looking forward to the next recreation scene, along with the first footage from Jurassic World: Dominion, which was only recently able to start production up again.

As for the next Jurassic Park scene Jeff Goldblum will share, that is unclear. However, it seems that he will be including his Jurassic World: Dominion co-stars when he meets his next registration goal on Headcount. Other celebrities have jumped on board, including Florence Pugh, Samuel L. Jackson, and Zach Braff with Donald Faison. They are all offering something of no monetary value in order to get people involved with the 2020 election, which, so far, seems to be working out really well everybody who is attempting to help out, no matter what their party affiliation is. You can check out the Jurassic Park reenactment scene above, thanks to Jeff Goldblum’s Instagram account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb

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