Why Disneyland Will Have To Wait After California Releases Theme Park Guidelines

The dividing line between small and large theme parks is a capacity of 15,000 people, anything above that number is considered large. As noted above, while those small parks will be open to open sooner, they will still be limited to the health and safety protocols that we’re used to seeing. In addition, only people from within the county of the park can visit initially.

The good news is that Disneyland and other large parks now are clear on what will need to happen in order to reopen, the problem is that it’s going to be difficult to forecast in advance when the county is going to be able to reopen. More than likely we’ll have to wait for Orange County to see pandemic exposure drop far enough, and only then will the resort be able to begin the process of reopening, meaning it will still be a few weeks after the threshold is reached that the parks will be able to open.

These guidelines fall in line with where it was reported they were going to be back when California’s theme park lobbying organization asked the state to hold off on releasing them. Certainly, when Disneyland Resort has made it clear that it feels it can reopen now, guidelines that won’t let it do so are not going to sit well with the company. 

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