Will The Mandalorian Movie Happen? Star Wars Team Tease the Possibility

As The Mandalorian season 2 approaches a question has been posed; could a Mandalorian movie be in the cards? Star Wars has, traditionally, been a cinematic experience, with the exception of animated shows like The Clone Wars and Rebels. But that all changed last year when the first live-action TV show set within a galaxy far, far away. Producer/writer Jon Favreau and star Pedro Pascal are very much open to bringing things full circle in the future.

Jon Favreau, who serves as an executive producer on the show and Pedro Pascal, who is the man under Mando’s armor, were recently asked about The Mandalorian becoming a movie, as a hypothetical. Favreau, known for his work directing blockbusters like Iron Man, explained that it is possible, but things are hazier now in the content landscape.

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“The line is blurring now. Things that you would have only seen in the movie theater, you’re seeing on streaming, and I think it could go the other way as well.”

Disney recently reorganized its structure to prioritize its streaming services like Disney+. But Star Wars will undoubtedly be one of the franchises that will exist on the big screen, whenever that is feasible. Jon Favreau added that they are “open to” a movie but in “no rush” to do so. He is also “excited to see where the story leads us and have that flexibility, because there’s no rulebook now.”

As for Pedro Pascal, he is conflicted for different reasons. The Mandalorian has been received incredibly well by critics and fans alike. Work on season 3 is already underway and there have even been hints at season 4 plans. For Pascal, the idea of bringing Mando and Baby Yoda to the big screen seems like a risk, given how well things are going at the moment. But he also feels like the creative team behind the show is more than capable of rising to the challenge, should the opportunity arise.

“I think that the work is so beautiful that I would love for that to be held by a big screen experience. But it seems to work so well that also I’m not sure it’s something that I would want corrupted by any kind of change, you know? I mean, I certainly know that the challenge can be met. It’s not like these people don’t have the experience. If anybody can do it, they can!”

For now, Lucasfilm is focusing on Disney+ when it comes to Star Wars. The Obi-Wan Kenobi series is set to begin filming in March, with Ewan McGregor reprising his role. The Rogue One prequel series is also expected to begin production soon. As for the movies, Disney has a new Star Wars project dated for December 2023, with further entries to follow in December 2025 and December 2027. Taika Waititi (Thor: Ragnarok) has been tapped to co-write and direct one of the new movies in development. The Mandalorian season 3 premieres on October 30 on Disne+. This news comes to us via Variety.

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