Echo Boomers Trailer: Michael Shannon and His Gang Put a Wicked Twist on Robin Hood

Saban Films has released the first trailer for Echo Boomers. This is the feature directorial debut of Seth Savory, which has Oscar-nominee Michael Shannon (Knives Out, The Shape of Water) toplining the cast alongside Patrick Schwarzenegger (Midnight Sun, Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse). Described as a “gripping crime-thriller filled with pulse-pounding twists and turns,” this looks to be a tense count and mouse heist flick, based on what we’re seeing in this initial footage.

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The trailer opens with an ominous shot of a hallway while some voice over sets up the conflict at hand, which has to do with millennials and their financial struggles. We then follow Patrick Schwarzenegger’s character who manages to get tangled up with an emerging criminal organization. They have sort of a Robin Hood complex. Though, in this case, the poor they are giving to is themselves. Michael Shannon is behind this gang and a conflict emerges between him and the group’s newest member. Aside from the action, there is some clear cut social commentary going on here.

The cast also includes Gilles Geary (Spirit Warriors), Hayley Law (Riverdale), Jacob Alexander (I Don’t Know How She Does It), Oliver Cooper (Project X), Kate Linder (The Young and the Restless), Lesley Ann Warren (Clue) and Alex Pettyfer (Magic Mike). Seth Savoy co-wrote the screenplay with Jason Miller and Kevin Bernhardt. Miller is also producing alongside James Langer, Mike Ware, Matthew G. Zamias, Lucas Jarach, Kelly Mi Li, Jeff G. Waxman, Byron Wetzel and Sean Kaplan. Luke Daniels, Alan Pao, Omer H Paracha, Matthew S Schwartz, Sandra Siegal, David Gendron, Ali Jazayeri, James Ireland, Carlos Cusco, Eric Brenner, Sandra Siegal and Robert Ogden Barnum serve as executive producers. Tony Kamin is on board as a co-producer.

Echo Boomers centers on a recent college graduate Lance Zutterland (Patrick Schwarzenegger) who leaves school in debt. This leaves him with the realization that everything he had worked for was built on a lie. He becomes involved in a criminal underground operation and discovers that his peers are fighting the system by stealing from the rich to give to themselves. With nothing to lose, they leave behind a trail of destruction in their wake. But the cops closing in and tensions mount as Lance soon finds he is in over his head with no way out.

Aside from the trailer, a new poster has also been released, which we’ve included for you to check out. Saban Films, which has been making major inroads as a distributor in the past couple of years, picked up the rights to the movie last month. They wasted little time in locking down a release date and getting this one out in the world. One can only hope that signifies confidence in what they have. At the very least, it offers viewers something new this fall, as most major releases have vacated 2020 for the hopefully greener box office pastures of 2021. Echo Boomers arrives in theaters, on demand and digital on November 13 from Saban Films. Be sure to check out the new trailer for yourself.

Echo Boomers

Ryan Scott at Movieweb

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