Mira Sorvino Really Wants Disney to Do Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion 2

With the current reality of the world leaving little room for cheer, Hollywood is looking increasingly to movies and shows from a more hopeful time to give the audience their daily dose of endorphins. One of the leads of the iconic film, Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, Mira Sorvino, revealed during a virtual interview after accepting The Creative Coalition’s 2020 Television Humanitarian Award that she would love to make a sequel with co-lead Lisa Kudrow if Disney allows it.

“It’s not in my hands. It’s up to Disney. I would be so grateful if they would decide to do it. I know that Lisa and that [screenwriter] Robin Schiff is interested in it. Maybe Alan [Cumming] is interested in it. I heard that maybe Janeane [Garofalo] is interested in it. I love Lisa and I would do anything just to work with her again in any capacity.”

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The original Romy And Michele’s High School Reunion came out in 1997, when superhero movies did not dominate theaters, and mid-budget comedies still had a chance to make big money. The film told a simple tale of a couple of high-school best friends Romy, played by Mira Sorvino, and Michele, played by Kudrow, who realize in the days leading up to their school’s ten-year reunion that they have not achieved much in their lives in comparison to their successful ex-classmates.

In order to save face, Romy and Michele decide to create an imaginary and elaborate backstory for themselves which project them as successful, wealthy entrepreneurs, only for their lies to get exposed during the reunion. Through that central premise, the film explored a generation’s anxiety regarding not being able to live up to the expectations set during their school years, and celebrating the smaller achievements in everyday life without constantly worrying whether it is leading up to something bigger for the future.

The film has struck a chord with multiple generations of audiences, who see themselves mirrored in Romy and Michele’s struggles with personal satisfaction. Naturally, there have been calls for a sequel to explore what Romy and Michele have been up to in the years since their last high-school reunion. Both Sorvino and Kudrow have long been behind the idea, with Kudrow expressing a wish back in 2017 to see what Romy and Michele have been up to in the intervening years.

“Well, sure. Yeah, why not? I mean…if it makes sense for those two people to be around my age and see what’s going on.”

While she is waiting for the sequel to happen, Sorvino is planning on running for office to bring about concrete change in the world.

“I want to affect change. I like to advocate. I like to influence legislative change, and I have helped pass more than 10 laws… The fact that some of those were #MeToo laws, I feel like I turned my trauma into some sort of progress, which I feel good about… But I’m not very interested in power. I’m just interested in change.”

This news comes from Entertainment Tonight Canada.

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