Scarface Remake Rumor Claims Michael B. Jordan Is the New Tony Montana

Reports have begun circulating that Black Panther star Michael B Jordan is being sought-after to take the lead role of Tony Montana in the Scarface remake. Universal Pictures has been trying to get a remake of the much-beloved gangster epic Scarface off the ground for nearly a decade. No doubt the idea of a remake has left many movie fans scratching their heads and wondering why, but, this rumor could well answer that question. At least in part.

Al Pacino’s iconic performance as the little gangster with a big dream is forever etched in cinematic history, with posters of his version of Tony Montana destined to adorn the walls of fans everywhere until the end of time. His vicious energy and merciless determination have made Pacino’s Scarface one of the most oddly endearing characters to ever grace the silver screen, with Pacino’s performance impossible to top.

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The addition of Creed star Michael B. Jordan though would at least ensure a similarly talented actor taking over, and one able to bring to his own, distinctive interpretation of the same character. Jordan has proven his talent time and again in roles in the likes of Fruitvale Station, the Creed franchise, and as the complex Marvel villain, Erik Killmonger, in 2018’s Black Panther. Certainly, he would be an interesting choice to lead the Scarface remake.

Though Jordan’s involvement remains a rumor at this time, something we do know about the remake is Call Me By Your Name‘s Luca Guadagnino approach to the material, with the filmmaker recently offering some insight into what he wants to achieve with what many will perceive as an unnecessary remake.

“The truth is that I’m interested in the Tony Montana character,” Guadagnino said. “He’s a symptom of the American Dream. And I think that these movies are made for their times. My own Scarface will arrive 40 years after the previous one. I think the important thing about these movies is not the fact that they’re lush and fundamental like Brian De Palma’s one. The important thing is knowing that Tony Montana is an archetypal character.”

Guadagnino also revealed a few more details regarding the remake, saying he wants the characters to be current and the movie to be shocking. “The important things are A. It has to be well done, the script has to be great – and it is. B. Our Tony Montana has to be current. I don’t want to imitate anything. C. This movie has to be shocking.”

Rogue One star Diego Luna was attached to star in the Scarface remake for quite some time, but ultimately that fell through. The remake has had a turbulent time behind-the-scenes and has already gone through several directors and screenplays since Universal started down this long road of trying to bring it to the big screen. Training Day and Suicide Squad director David Ayer was attached to write the script all the way back in 2011, with Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts’ David Yates attached at one point to helm the project. Since then, various other Hollywood talents have become attached and then left the project, with the likes of Ayer even leaving and then circling back, before leaving again.

With Guadagnino on board and Jordan potentially in the lead, the Scarface remake could turn out to be a lot more than the needless remake many had predicted. This comes to us from News Week.

Jon Fuge at Movieweb

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